• Santee Health and Wellness Center

  • The Santee Health and Wellness Center is the hub for Tribal members residing on the
    Santee Sioux Reservation, offering: outpatient medical - dental - mental health
    and substance abuse services
    In addition to the medical, lab, radiology, and dental suites, the Center also houses:
    the health administration offices - a wellness center - physical therapy room -
    a therapy pool with large adjacent whirlpool - an employee training/emergency shelter area
    an optometry suite - and EMS quarters and ambulance bay-
    All areas were designed with accessibility in mind for clients and employees with disabilities
    The Facility is currently staffed by a physician, Nurse Practitioner,
    dentist, and physical therapist.

    The Clinic also provides Specialty clinics (on a rotating basis) such as:
    Podiatry - Optometry - and OB-Gyn
    Other types of specialized care are provided through our Contract Health Services program.
    Emergency patients are seen after hours and on weekends at:
    Wagner IHS in Wagner, South Dakota or at
    Avera Sacred Heart in Yankton, South Dakota
    Inpatient care is contracted to several area hospitals,
    (the closest being Avera Sacred Heart).

    The wellness area includes a reception/waiting area, office and storage areas, exercise gymnasium
    with exercise machines (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.), running track, cardiac rehab center, and related
    locker rooms. The wellness area is approximately 5,700 square feet of completely accessible
    space for continued wellness prevention.

    This area features a therapeutic pool and exercise area with underwater treadmills, two current swimming lanes, a large separate whirlpool with provisions for deep tissue massage, and pool equipment and storage rooms.The therapeutic pool suite includes separate locker rooms and comprises 4,500 square feet.

  • Santee Health and Wellness Center

    110 S. Visiting Eagle St. Santee

    Hours of Operation:

    M-F   8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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  • Ph 1-402-857-2300

  • Wicozani Waste Tipi - Santee Wellness Center - Schedule of Events
    6 amSun Rise FitnessSun Rise FitnessSun Rise FitnessSun Rise FitnessSun Rise FitnessOpen Every Sat 8 am 12 pm
    8-9 amGentle YogaGentle YogaGentle YogaGentle YogaOpen Gym
    9:15-11 amMorning SeniorsMorning SeniorsMorning SeniorsMorning SeniorsOpen Gym
    5-6 pmAfter School ProgramKid's Water FitnessAfter School ProgramKid's Water FitnessOpen Gym
    6-7 pmOpen GymAdult Water FitnessOpen GymAdult Water FitnessOpen Gym
    7-8 pmInsanity/GymInsanity/GymInsanity/GymInsanity/GymOpen Gym


    * Early Morning Fitness 6:00 am
    * Gentle Yoga - This Class will focus on balance, stretching and flexibility
    * Water Fitness - Strengthen and tone, build cardiovascular and endurance
    * Morning Seniors - Implementing a Daily Fitness Plan/ Feel Good - Become Energized!
    * Insanity! - 60 Day total body conditioning program - (Strenuous/Intense Program)

    Make a Plan to enjoy the holidays without overeating and regretting it later. Get up early and go for an invigorating walk or jog using the wellness center/trail. (Even if you have to bundle up to do so in colder climates).

    FACILITY HOURS: Monday - Friday 6 am - 8:30 pm
    402-857-2300 Ext 292: Tammy Sandoval/Christina Tuttle/Sonny Redowl and Ronette Henry